Friday, June 18, 2010

Summertime and the livin' is easy...

So first click this link and play the song that you will find will give you a little summertime feeling.

100 degrees has descended upon us. I don't mind the heat, I quite enjoy a little baking actually, being a native and all, and I am trying to pass on this love of the sun to my son (not without first slathering him in sunscreen of course!).
We spend lazy afternoons eating popsicles while running through the sprinkler.
We lay on the bed, with it's white expanse of comforter, in the dark bedroom and tell stories to each other.
We don't venture out of the house unless we are absolutely losing our minds with boredom.
We have found the coolest spots on the floor and gently shove Kira out of the way to enjoy the smooth cool tile.
We have all figured out how to float on our backs in the pool at the YMCA, thick with chlorine and heated to our body temperature. We gleefully anticipate getting out, dripping and exhausted, so we can shiver a little bit in the hot breeze.
We spend very little time in the kitchen, fresh baked bread is a distant memory.
We are forever concocting new experiments with ice cream and milk and ice and strawberries and cinnamon and honey and mangos and anything else sweet and cool we can get our hands on.
We will park a few more yards away if it means getting a spot in the shade.

We relish the thought of slowly melting into little puddles of family and dog, popsicle and chlorine and ice water. We look forward to a few months.


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