Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 25th 2010, 11:30 AM

For the rest of the country, summer is rapidly coming to a close. Here in Arizona, we have another month or so (maybe 2) before it starts really cooling down. However September marks the beginning of the school year, whether or not it is cool, whether or not you have a school age kiddo. So we are looking forward to getting on a regular schedule. And being able to venture out to parks and the zoo again!

Colin is talking a blue streak these days. He is hilariously funny and smart as a whip to boot. He takes after his father that way. At almost 3 and a half he is making up for lost talking time by narrating everything he does and asking a million questions. He also repeats pretty much whatever we feed him, which is such comedy gold.

I am finding 3 and half and 16 weeks pregnant to be exhausting but not nauseating. Thank the good Lord. The second trimester has brought a respite from the unending vomiting but not rest for the weary. People who have children back to back I salute you. My big kiddo is going a million times a minute and his little brother is hot on his heels already making himself known with heartburn and non-stop movement.

I say brother with certainty, we found out this morning that I will be the only girl in a houseful of boys come February 4th! While having a girl would have been lovely, I am so ready for another gorgeous rough and tumble boy-o. No new clothes! :)


AzĂșcar said...

Yay! A girl! You lucky thing.

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