Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our life in cell phone photos...

I have come to grips with the fact that this blog is really a place for my mother, my in-laws and a few friends to come and see pictures of my babies...and periodically be amused by my rantings. I'm okay with that. SO that said...Mom, Cici and Pop, Lisa, Rach, and the rest? Here's what we've been up too!

We've been:
-eating food like we're people and getting 2 new teeth to help us enjoy our cheese love!
-enjoying the view from on top of Nana's apartment complex garage
-taking brother baths and loving it
-Nighttime park adventures with Mama's small group
-making our own IronMan costume
-Lunch with Grandpa at the Tempe Town Lake
-playing the "ukelady"

Slowly but surely our average temperature drops down to 70 and we get to spend more time out and about (especially at our park across the street!)The squids and I couldn't be more delighted that fall has arrived!


Rach said...

Oh wow, I was acknowledged by name, I'm so honored! (And really, there isn't a whole other gaggle of friends following your blog? Just do what I do and start poking friends with sharp sticks to get them to come by once in a while. Works like a charm for me. And by sharp sticks, I guess I mean email reminders.)

Rach said...

PS -- sounds like a lovely life routine! Life through cell phone camera lens = so real and so sweet!

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