Monday, July 26, 2010

July 25th, 2010. 7:00 PM

Colin is proving to have an incredibly fertile imagination. It won't be surprising to my mother (she raised two daughters who preferred dress-up and putting on plays to organized sports) that 95% of Colin's independent play is narrated. Whether it be rocket ships taking off to Mars, landing, and rescuing members of the crew, becoming a pirate complete with his own version of "A Pirate's Life for Me" (vs. 2: "a'noculars, a'noculars, pie-wets life fo' me" sung whilst looking through his spyglass...I have no idea where he got that) or racing his cars across the coffee table, over my legs ("thoo da mountens!") and making a leap across the carpet ("it's LAH-BAH! WATCH OUT!") he sees these things so vividly.
Because of this he often prefers me to make up a story rather that read what is written in the book. We have REALLY been enjoying this one, because there is minimal text (although what is there is fabulous) and great pictures. I can make up the story as I go along! He has been playing on his own more and more lately, which is a blessing as I have been miserable for the last couple of months....

...which brings us to The Pipsqueak (more on the nickname later)(also at 12 weeks gestation now the size of a lime according to who has really made her presence known around these parts...and has since week 4 of her existence! I had all day, all night morning sickness unlike anything I had ever experienced with my previous pregnancies. My sense of smell was OUT. OF. CONTROL. (still is truth be told, I can't even sniff scented candles!) I could keep about 1/2 of my food down at any given time and dropped about 10 pounds in 10 weeks. All of that, I am told, is a wonderful, WONDERFUL sign. "Signals a strong pregnancy" "great hormones!" are all things my OB has said to me. Although I take that with a grain of salt, a friend of mine had twins (big ones!) and said she wasn't sick a day. So I will just embrace it as a sign that baby mine is still there and growing.
The other thing I will take as a sign is those first flutters of movement. Very, very recently I am certain I felt The Pipsqueak moving around. After housing a super active kiddo, those butterfly wings in the belly are totally unmistakable to me! It was so lovely, and so heartening.

I still miss our Little Bean. It sounds silly to say that I miss a baby who's sex wasn't even clearly defined but there it is. He was a hoped for kiddo and is our angel baby. You'll note that I have changed the name of this blog...We have not referred to this little guy as The Bean and we probably won't, that was a special nickname for our Bean not to be and so he'll keep it. It made me sad for very long, it makes me melancholy now, but I look forward to this next very much.


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