Wednesday, August 3, 2011

after the hiatus...

(image taken from my car, on the HUGE storm that rolled through last summer and trashed everything)

Tonight I sat on the steps leading up to our little apartment (did I mention we've moved? It added to the length of the break methinks) and watched the rain pour down and the wind whip the trees and lightning flash purpley was a perfect Arizona monsoon. And I decided to end my long bloggy silence.
Not just because a good solid rainshower washed the cobwebs out of my brain.
Or because we just returned from our annual vacation up to the cool north of our lovely state.
Or because my beloved poppa in law mentioned he was thirsty for news and pictures of us, being so far away in Michigan and I can't deny him anything because I adore him so.
It was all of those things.
So there is a snippet of my day: I sat in the evening and enjoyed the rumble and patter of a summer rainstorm.


Rach said...

Keep 'em comin'! I've added this link to my list of blogs I check after I rediscovered an email you sent me long ago w/ this link. :-)
Oh, how I miss a good monsoony rainstorm. Sigh.

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