Tuesday, August 9, 2011

that time of year...

We are a couple of months away from my favorite short lived season (at least here in AZ) - FALL! Glorious fall! The perfect weather lasts for all of a month or so and then it gets cold. But while it's here, oh marvelous time of year!
This year fall is going to be a little different as I am beginning to homeschool Colin. It's just preschool, he'll be joining the rank and file of public school kindergarteners next year, but he is terrifically excited and I am overwhelmed! In keeping with my fairly laid back parenting style, I asked him if there were specific things he wanted to "study" at "school" and in keeping with his interests of late he responded: "dinosaurs, robots, superheros, and making sheens (machines)" Who can argue with that?! So I have found enough curriculum with those themes in mind (and others!) to fill 3 months! whew!
It will mostly be doing art and reading books, much like we do now, but with a little more rigid schedule...more than reading, more than counting by 5's, more than any of that, I'd like my ball of energy to be able to sit still and listen for 10 minutes! This will be the biggest hurdle of all!
Do you have fond memories of autumn?


Rach said...

I am always in awe of anyone who has the energy to create and execute a curriculum for a child under age 6. Kudos to you! I may get some ideas from you if you're willing to share your activities online. :-)

Megling said...

of COURSE! I am following Colin's lead, and throwing in ideas from online. It's...an adventure.

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