Friday, September 10, 2010

September 10th, 2010. 4:00 PM

19 weeks seems a lot like 12 and 13 and 14 and so on...not at all like I'm almost halfway to meeting my second child. Our big trip to Hawaii was so marvelous but it did set off our rhythm a bit and it's taking me longer than I'd like to get back into the swing of things.I think that while this 2nd trimester is certainly YARDS better than the first (hooray for keeping all my meals down!) I am still very tired and prone to cramping if I go to hard for to long. I have days where, when asked how I am feeling, I respond: "Very VERY pregnant". It's a pity I have 20 weeks to go!

Which is easy to do with a kiddo like Colin. He is non-stop with talking, being a "supah fast wunner!", building, investigating, asking questions, and refusing to nap. It's such a precious time to be sharing with him, he has inherited his father's natural curiosity about the world around him and we read a lot of books, a lot of Wikipedia entries! I realized this week that having my children spaced as they are is a blessing in disguise, I was lamenting the fact that they would be almost 4 years apart and won't be right next to each other like my sister and I, and then I realized that having a child headed out of his toddler years and a newborn is a perfect pairing! I regularly ask Colin to get me small things from around the house, to help with loading and unloading the dishwasher, with folding the clothes, and while those things are not done perfectly, it doesn't matter because he is so delighted to be helping his mama! I look forward to being able to ask him to hand me diapers, to pick up little toys, and help me with his brother. Such a lovely discovery!

Keeping with tradition, Babylove has been as active as his brother was. Tuesday my ob had to chase him down to get a clear listen to his heartbeat, so rapidly was he flipping! I can feel him almost all the time, and would love to share the experience with others, but alas, it's still a little soon! My placenta was lying fairly low the last ultrasound we had and with my previous run in with previa I am going in for another one just to make sure everything is moving up and away the way it should be! I am so grateful for all the modern technology I can take advantage of to make sure everything is alright and an easy going Obstetrician who wants nothing more than for me to have a happy, healthy pregnancy on MY TERMS. It's so marvelous.

We seem to be surrounded by pregnant ladies and new little ones these days. While I rejoice in the company, I sometimes feel bit bittersweet about it all, missing our wee bean...It seems that that is one heartbreak that will never fully heal, but I am grateful for one more angel baby watching over my little ones here on earth.

So onward and upward into Fall! It was cool enough here in the Godforsaken heat to throw our doors open this morning! WAHHOO! It won't last but it was nice taste of the next few months to come!


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