Friday, September 24, 2010

Out and About

Tonight I get to be a grownup and attend a CD Release party for a band that is friends with my husband, the talented sound engineer. Plus side of being married to the tech guy? Free entry. Minus? I have to make my grand entrance alone because my date is at the board, usually not fun at all, I feel awkward and silly and usually underdressed...
BUT this pregnancy I have really gotten into the groove of dressing up my belly. I still fit my pre-pregnancy pants (thank heavens) and own a lot of long stretchy shirts (thanks fashion!) and I have enjoyed looking at and getting inspiration from all the pregnant fashion forward ladies online!
So I have embraced wearing heels, wearing skinny jeans, and getting dolled up. I have moved away from the schlumpy fashion of my first pregnancy (sorry honey!) and have really had fun with my newest accessory (this is tongue in cheek folks) my baby bump!
I will definitely post shots of my concert attire tonight after I get dressed...though you'll have to forgive the weird angle of them, my photographer has already left to go have beers with his band. ;)

Jeans: BDG Skinny Jean in Indigo
Top: thrifted
Shoes: Hand me Downs from my super stylish sister...they're quilted leather!


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