Monday, September 13, 2010

Inspiration for my Monday

(I've decided that Mondays are a marvelous day for a little link roundup. I hate Mondays)

image via Green Baby Guide
This week we get REALLY get back into the swing of things! We also embark on the terrifying journey that is necessary potty training! Oy vey. Also on our list is laundry (always), bread making, and finishing up the mending pile! What are you doing this week?

The fabulous Sara Janssen of Walk Slowly, Live Wildly is selling gorgeous Barefoot Books. These would be entertaining potty reads this week!

Our breadmaking might involve adapting this delicious looking foccacia recipe from Smitten Kitchen

This is a lovely tribute to the struggles and joys of fatherhood (via Anne's guest post at Marvelous Kiddo)

and speaking of the Marvelous Leigh, I am looking forward to the fantastic guest bloggers she has lined up this week!

Beautiful post from Linda of All and Sundry about the difficult transition from full time working out of the house mom to stay at home mom. I still struggle with these feelings myself!

We LOVE this album lately (and truthfully the movie isn't half bad) around here, I think this music will make up a big portion of our fall soundtrack.

This end of summer camping adventure looks like a perfect vacation!

Colin's favorite show of all time just so happens to be a vintage favorite (and perfect for fall! All those Halloween monsters!). Thank goodness for the wonders of the internet that allow me to put a bunch of episodes on at once!

Looking forward to tracking down and devouring this new magazine! (via Design*Sponge)

Have a great week folks!


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