Monday, November 8, 2010


After a rough week last week for a variety of reasons (the incessant itching of my skin being high on the list, thanks random pregnancy weirdness!) I decided that I would begin my day with a little note:

Dear Today: Let's bring the awesome. Love, Meg

And sure enough, once I started focusing on the things that made my day awesome, it turned out that it was!
So without further ado, here is my list of awesome things that happened in my day thus far:

Awesome thing #1: Saving almost 50% on my groceries this morning.
Awesome thing #2: Sharing a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast with my little buddy
Awesome thing #3: my aforementioned little buddy jamming out to the Foo Fighters. He calls it the "bow bow song"
Awesome thing #4: measuring slightly smaller than my 27 weeks! Maybe this baby won't be ginormous!
Awesome thing #5: Taco Bell tacos.
Awesome thing #6: Cotton Candy leftover from the fair for a snack with the buddy.
Awesome thing #7: Dinner with two dear friends (one of whom is Colin's godfather!) tonight.
Awesome thing #8: Dinner will be delicious delicious Mexican food.
Awesome thing #9: At this very moment I do not hate my hair. This is subject to change.
Awesome thing #10: Luke got the buddy all ready to go whilst I wrote a blog post.

Thing with an awesomeness level that is to be determined: The results of my blood draw to test my bile salts. Turns out random itchiness on places other than one's pregnant belly (like one's palms! Or FACE! GAH!) are something to be looked at closely...I'll let you know what the outcome is. Probably it will be one of those times when my lovely doctor says: "you're going to want to kill me but it's not really anything we can do anything about so just look forward to February" and then ducks as I chuck things at her. Poor dear.


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