Sunday, November 7, 2010

"He's gonna a be a soccah playah! Yes he is!"

One of the best parts about being pregnant (who am I kidding? If you're me it's like the only good part aside from the whole baby thing....oh and the fact that my grays fall out) is feeling the baby move.
I love laying down and watching my belly jump and shudder, knowing that in a couple months it will roll like the ocean at all times day or night (if this little guy is anything like his brother). A couple of the college aged boys at our church have felt Internal Son kick and have expressed awe and alarm at it. "It's like an alien! It's so cool!" (as a side note: I have enjoyed being able to share this pregnancy with them, the young men at our church are proving to be gentle souls who really love the little ones. I am so thrilled to see the college girls I mentor dating such good guys. Because let's face it, a guy who thinks a baby kicking is cool and who will listen to a three year old babble for a half hour without shushing him are really good guys) And all my girls, college aged and 8th graders, put their hands on my belly whenever it is around just for a chance to feel the little guy say hello. Luke loves talking to him and watching him respond, and even Colin has warmed up to the idea and cuddles up next to his kicking belly brother at night.
Internal Son is a kicker, whereas Colin was a roller. It's been fun to compare and contrast the two and I am really looking forward to the next couple of months as he grows and stretches and runs out of room in there!


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