Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The numbers

Weeks along in the pregnancy: 29

Age of 1st child: 3 years, 7 months feels like however old a tornado or an earthquake is.

Age of mama: 28, feels like 115

Number of naps 1st child takes daily: 1 if I'm lucky

Number of naps I need to take daily: 7

Number of movies my kid has watched while I dozed on the couch next to him because being on my feet for longer than 10 minutes totally exhausts me: way to many to count

Attempts at potty training we are on: 3 (and surprisingly, I am not tearing my hair out)

My guess at the number of weeks I have left to tie my shoes by myself: 2

Number of creative contortions I have to employ to fall asleep at night: at least 5

Amounts of amusement I derive from the countless configurations our family takes as we share our giant bed (contents include, one very pregnant lady, one 3 and a half year old, one long suffering husband): massive

Ounces of water I drink daily to stave of Braxton Hicks: at least 70

Number of joints in my body that are incredibly painful at any moment of the day: at least 6

Weeks that have felt interminably long despite the arrival of my beloved cold weather: the last 3

The amount of irritation I feel at myself for ceaselessly bitching about being pregnant: infinite

Plans for Thanksgiving that involve Texas: 0 (tear.)

Plans for Thanksgiving that include anything: 0 (thank goodness)

Pies baked in the last month: 4

Pies I am planning on baking in the next month: 6

Cures for non-stop itching attempted: 10

Cures for non-stop itching that proved totally successful: 0

Number of pants I own that still fit me: 0

Number of pants that I borrowed that still fit me: 2/4

Degrees outside: a gorgeous 60

Price I am going to pay for a kids haircut today: $5 (yay!)

Number of weddings my husband will work in November and December: 8 (who knew that winter was such a popular wedding time in AZ?)

Number of weddings I will be at with my husband in November and December: 1

Number of amazing friends and family who have offered to watch Colin and give us date nights, naps, or adventures before the babylove comes along: Innumerable

Thing I have to be grateful for: COUNTLESS...

so now you're all caught up.


AzĂșcar said...

Oh ministry! Just as high-flying as teaching! And yes, the naps are a lovely side effect. Thanks for the well-wishing. Got to love those curve balls!

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