Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For Sale

Selling our broke ass 1996 Honda Civic on Craigslist?
worst. spur of the moment. idea. EVER.
With one broken front brake, one rear taillight out, an interior that is shot to hell, and the fact that it has been parked on the side of our house for almost 6 months, we really couldn't in good conscience ask for more than like $800.
I listed it this morning after double checking with Luke that he wasn't just going to donate it. Within 20 minutes I got 10 emails. 3 of them wanted pictures of me in the pictures of the car (ew), 4 of them used text message shorthand to request information on the car that I couldn't actually decipher, and 2 of them just wrote "96 civic, call me, xxx-xxx-xxxx".
Oy vey.
Couple that with not actually knowing anything about cars and not wanting anyone to come over when Luke was not home, I did a lot of emailing and deleting this morning.
No buyers so far but if we can transfer title and get cash for this hunk of junk today I will not only be impressed but I'll be relieved.

9 PM update:
HEY! Look at that! For a lady who never really got the whole "capitalism ROCKS. Buy sell! Buy sell!" mindset, I get shit done! 9 hours from posting to sale (to a very nice young ASU student)


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