Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Inspiration

photo via flickr user Canonsnapper

Today I am tackling a myriad of little fall cleaning projects around the house, including but not limited to: mopping all my floors, cleaning my windows, and taking our outgrown/never worn/never will wear clothes to the Goodwill down the street! Whew. It's possible I have begun nesting! Meanwhile, as I sip my coffee and enjoy my impromptu cinnamon rolls, let me share these lovely links with you!

More kitchn inspiration! These will be served at a baby shower potluck I am throwing for a friend....

Yesterday on 10/10/10 there were a lot of marvelous things to be found on the web, including this compilation of Top 10 lists!

This urban explorer photoset is spooky enough to get anyone in a Halloween-y mood!

Cute AND handy?!? WANT. (via the ever fabulous Hither and Thither)

Loving? Anything with buttons up the side

I am going to be needing some good winter clothes soon, at 23 weeks my shirts all sort of gap up a little over the belly. How about these gorgeous options?

And of course, fall brings the ever ongoing search for a new pair of glasses!

Out local swap is coming is sure to be chalk full of awesomeness!

What is fall bringing to you?


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