Thursday, October 21, 2010

Xavier Cross...October 21st 2010

Here, the trio of pregnant ladies (Heather, Kristen, and myself) act like stereotypical pregnant ladies and fan ourselves despite it being perfectly temperate.
Last night at about midnight, my phone buzzed. (I am on baby watch for a couple of people and have college aged girls with drama that I mentor so this is not in and of itself something that would make me gasp and bolt awake. Thank Heavens!)It was a text from my friend Heather. (Heather is the pregnant lady on the far left, also in grey)"We are in the hosp. and staying...looks like it's baby time!"
We have known Xavier was on his way for about a week now, she's been dilating and effacing and contracting and if nothing happened by Monday it was induction for her. I was overjoyed to see my friend spared the scourge of Pitocin, I was also overjoyed to have Baby X finally here...
See Xavier is a baby I feel very close to, he and the Bean would have been just about a week apart in age. When we lost the Bean, Heather took me aside and said "I wanted to tell you before we tell anyone else, because I am selfishly just heartbroken that you lost the baby, I was so excited to pregnant with you" This woman has been completely unselfish with her growing belly, with herself and her time. While I mourned for the Bean she made sure that I connected with Xavier, feeling his kicks and not laughing at me for assuming X had a special guardian angel in our Bean. She comforted me and spent time with me and was an amazing friend, despite having a a not quite 1 year old at home and working full time!
I am so thrilled to be able to go see them today, to meet the little boy who got to know my Bean before I ever got to. To meet the little boy who spent the latter half of his gestation bouncing in between his mama's lungs and bladder. The little boy who is his brother's Irish Twin (they are a year and a week or so apart! Holy Moly!). The boy who gave me such comfort in an incredibly hard time.

A million congratulations to Heather and Cody and Caden, and welcome welcome to Earth Xavier Cross...we are so glad you're here!


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