Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not so Terribly Hungry Tuesday

I have a sink full of dirty dishes and a whole mess of laundry and I just polished off the leftover mac and cheese we had for dinner last week that was in the fridge AND Colin is having a stereotypical toddler food day wherein all he wants is peanut butter bread, plain spaghetti noodles, and pieces of green apples (oh and cookies, always with the cookies). SO you'll forgive me if foodstuffs don't sound appealing currently:

However Dessert in the form of pumpkin pear crumble always sounds delicious.

Do you think I could convince the suddenly picky eater that combining breakfast and dinner in the form of spaghetti with bacon and eggs would be a marvelous option?

There are a ton of options for the lovely peaches Luke found for me at the grocery store, all available here from Farmyard a CSA and food sustainability program (I discovered them when doing research for my new major, I start school in September 2011!) that operates here in Phoenix.


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